VOGT is Multi Functional like the Municipal Tasks

No private business is forced to deal with as many tasks as the public authorities. Especially when the finance sources are limited and employees don`t take the necessary care, a universal equipment is needed. This all is given by our VOGT TurboSpade including 70 additional tools and the easy handling techniques. The T-handle, waist-high plus the strong 18 mm chisel input provides ideal working conditions and enables the tool to operate strong leverage force. There are short set up times for outside work like road construction, placing new traffic signs or street piles, fix tools on playgrounds because the necessary pressurised air can be supplied by a vehicle or a truck. Furthermore it is able to break out ice boards, renovate road pavement, compact road holes or bring in asphalt emulsion. A few tools, a little compressed air and the work is done without time consuming preparation and instruction. Even if trees are not adequately supplied, e.g. in compacted ground (parking lots, school yards) and consequently have no possibility to grow, the VTS injection tool is shooting nutrients and air into the ground which increases the water storage ability. The VOGT Air Lance with the special sandblast tool loosens ground, blows joints free and removes moss from surfaces as well as graphite.

Suggested Tool Sets:

VTS Community and public office
Community and public office Basic-Set

Extensive tooling for community works

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